Maintaining sobriety is hard enough. Couple that with a co-occurring mental health issue and real recovery can seem an insurmountable challenge. Before achieving permanent sobriety in March of 2006, I fought a 14-year game of sobriety/sanity Whack-a-Mole.

Stop drinking/drugging and the bipolar disorder flared up. Focus solely on the bipolar disorder and addictive behaviors crept back in This lasted so long I gave up hope of achieving freedom from the death grip of substance-fueled insanity. But as I detail in my blog, providence intervened and I found a way out.

On my way to a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on learning and technology I completed a Master’s Degree in Addition Counseling with an emphasis on co-occurring disorders. That degree required that I spend 700 hours counseling others at a treatment center for co-occurring disorders.

This experience opened my eyes to the fact that my personal lived experiences have made me uniquely qualified to work with others, especially those who are chronic relapsers (either related to substance abuse issues or mental health issues). Just as 12-step recovery discusses the power of one addict gaining the confidence of another, I found a true kinship with those struggling with co-occurring disorders.

While my vocation is designing and researching online interventions (treatment protocols) for those with co-occurring disorders, I also set aside 20 hours a week to consult with others—either in person for those in the greater Phoenix area or online.

Together—in partnership and not as therapist and client—we work to find mutually agreed upon approaches to address issues such as:

  • Developing a successful daily routine
  • Addressing medication adherence issues
  • Adopting a recovery mindset
  • Developing a treatment plan and engaging the appropriate resources to support that plan
  • Selecting and utilizing those treatment protocols tailored to your specific needs

This is not therapy. This is communication, collaboration and coaching. We address the issues together and speak a common language. This is evidenced-based, real world information and solutions that I have personally utilized

For many, there is no need for months of sessions, 4 to 5 consultations often suffice. But ultimately it is your call how we work together.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call me at 480-295-2647 or contact me online.

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